National Coverage

We have a fleet of trailers and transporters that will suit your needs. A fleet of almost 6000 . . . licensed DOT carries can get to your home and get your automobile to its destination with no incident whatsoever.

We pride ourselves on having national coverage in this respect. Wherever you are and wherever you want to get to is never impossible to us. We have a map, and we’re SURE both you and your final destination are on it!

Our fleet merely expresses the number of transporters we have. All of them are driven by trained professionals who know the terrains and roads of the country inside out. You need not worry about anything else other than maybe your 5 –year – old asking you when you’re gonna get to wherever you’re going!

Many people shy away from hiring movers purely because of the mere costs they quote and the fact that some of them to not ship or move to certain areas in the USA. We pride ourselves in being able to say that we have pretty much every nook and corner of the country under our radar.

You’ve heard the saying ‘Ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low’?
Well, we pretty much make that our motto, here at Auto Moved. We carefully analyze where you are and where you’re getting to. And we plan the best possible (and fastest, of course) route to get you there with no pain at all.

So, don’t let the distance or place get you down. We have it all covered, quite literally. Your auto will be in safe hands, rest assured.