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Our company transports reliably, fast and responsibly any kind of classic or collector’s car. We use our enclosed top trailers which also have temperature control function. This means that your car is going to be transported at a comfort zone temperature for the car. Collector’s cars are special, and the paint needs to be protected from extreme sun or cold. With the enclosed top transportation, your car is going to be 100% protected from outside temperature, but also from any other road hazard factors such as: dirt, dust from the road or rain.

If you need to transport a classic or a collector’s car anywhere nationwide, contact us confidently at the following number: 1-888-459-0530. Talk to one of our dedicated team members and specialists in road transportation and give all the necessary details. We will shortly get back to you with:

  • Professional advice

  • A free, no obligation quote

  • Custom-tailored quote- because the needs of our customers differ, and therefore you will pay for only as many services as you use

  • No hidden fees

We can transport your classic or collector’s car from coast to coast, nationwide. You just name the destination, and we deliver your car to the exact address (whether it is a residential place, an office or an auction you need your car delivered to it doesn’t matter!)


If you have decided to move your company to another city / state we are here to help you. Whether it is one single car or hundreds of cars that you need transported, we serve you with the same level of quality. For a totally free and no obligation quote, just call us today at the following number: 1-888-459-0530.

You are also going to receive professional advice regarding which is the best and most advantageous way to transport your car/ cars or even the heavy equipment of your company. Don’t forget, we also transport motorized equipment- such as motorcycles or even motorized boats- so call us confidently today, and let us arrange all the details!

Our past costumers, who did corporate relocation with us, are confidently returning to hire our services each time they need it. Why? It is because we offer a hassle free transportation process, where first of all you do not have to wait in distant terminals for long hours to receive your shipment. We deliver door to door, nationwide and even internationally!

Then, with us you are not going to experience hidden fees. Everything will be crystal clear; all of our fees will be visible to you. Never pay more than you actually have to. Whether you are an individual or a business man from a car dealership who needs to transport hundreds of cars, trust us now for best results!


So what is enclosed auto transport? It is basically the transportation process during which your car is going to be transported on a fully enclosed professional trailer.

Who is enclosed auto transportation for? It is mainly for individuals who need to transport for a longer distance their classic, vintage or collector’s car. Upon special request, even your new car/ cars can be transported using the enclosed trailers.

Call us today for more details: : 1-888-459-0530. Give is the details, and we will offer you prompt and impartial professional advice. We can help you save money, and we can redirect you towards the most efficient road transportation type in your case.

Our company also uses professional liftgates for loading / unloading of your car from the hauler/ trailer. What does this mean? It means that you car is going to stay in a horizontal position (as it always should!) during this process. The fact that we do not use tows and chains means that we respect our customers and care for their cars. A collector’s car is a very expensive item that needs to be handled with utmost care. All of our drivers and workers are well trained professionals, who know how to handle any type of car. Moreover, with enclosed auto transport you can benefit of temperature control inside. Your car is going to be transported under the best temperature levels. This is especially important in the case of a classic car that would have to suffer if transported in extreme heat on an open top transporter.

  • We transport from door to door. No hassles. No waiting time in terminals

  • We give you a free quote. No obligation. Right after you call us the first time

  • You will never be put on hold by our customer service team

  • We also transport internationally- all types of vehicles!


Whether it is an extremely expensive collector’s motorcycle, or your dirt bike that needs to be transported from location A to location B anywhere nationwide, we are here to serve you. With our utmost professional tools and transportation vehicles, your motorcycle is going to be 100% safe with us. We have special motorcycle trailers that will keep your vehicle extremely stable during transportation. We do not transport your motorcycle in just any kind of hauler!

For further information, call us today: : 1-888-459-0530. Talk to one of our company representatives, and you will see that you will get impartial and highly professional advice. If you have never transported your motorcycle before, it doesn’t matter. We are here to explain you the process, and guide you through it. We can even offer satellite tracking, so you will not worry for minute, because you will always know where your motorcycle is on the road!

Going with your family on a holiday, but you would like to have your motorcycle with you there? Just drive your family car, and let us transport your motorcycle to your holiday destination. This way, everybody is going to be satisfied! Call now for a free, no obligation quote!


Want to buy a nice RV from an auction and don’t know how to transport it home, because you simply don’t want to drive all those miles? Want to go on a holiday to Europe, and you take the plane but would like to have your RV with you there? We can help. Our company is a specialized, licensed and registered transportation service that transports among others, RVs as well.

We deliver door to door, which basically means that you will not be put in the situation of waiting for hours for your shipment to arrive at distant terminals. Simply pick up your RV from the front of your home, office or right at your holiday destination.

Many of our clients prefer to save hundreds of $$$ on accommodation, and call us to transport their RVs to their holiday destination. Then when vacationing is over, we transport it back home. As easy as that you can saver yourself and your family several hundreds of dollars as well!

All of the workers and drivers in our team are highly professional and skilled individuals. They will take utmost care of your vehicle during the transportation process. Moreover, all of our drivers are insured and bonded!


Whenever the climate is changing, people tend to migrate, just like the birds. Of course everybody would like to experience summer all year long. California, Florida, Malibu, the entire Sun Belt region of the US is filled with American snowbirds, when winter sets in at their home place.

We offer professional vehicle transportation, including enclosed auto transport in case you need to transport your classic car, open top transportation, RVs, motorcycles, and new & used cars. You just need to let to us the burden of your car transportation to the destination. It is many times a very tiresome process to drive your car for those long miles. You just need to pick your favorite transportation method (plane, bus, etc.), sit comfortably and carefree because your car is going to arrive at its destination safely and quickly.

When we load and upload your car from the trailer, we use only special liftgates. We do not use any chains and towing machines which could damage your car. Our team is comprised only by the best professionals in the transportation field, and all of our drivers are insured and bonded.

When it comes to auto transportation, you should never leave such a problem into the hands on unprofessional transporters. You might think that it will cost you very cheap, but in the end it will cost you a fortune: they might delay the transportation by whole days, plus your car might get damages if they do not handle it properly.

If you want to save money, time and nerves, simply call us and we will help: 1-888-459-0530

After you spend your summer in Florida and it is time to travel back north, again, you can count on us. Call now for a free, no- obligation quote and for any questions that you might have. ~ We serve only professional advice ~